About Montgomery’s INNovators

Montgomery’s INNovators is a member-based non-profit organization that supports and complements the wonderful work done by the staff and volunteers who work at Montgomery’s Inn.

It was created in 2011, when the future of the Inn was in doubt.

Photo Credit: Aaaron Lynett/ National Post

Montgomery’s INNovators is funded primarily by the sale of bread that volunteers bake in the Inn’s outdoor wood-fired bake oven and sell at the year-round weekly Farmers’ Market.

Photo Credit: Elvira Cordileone / Toronto Star

Sales on Thirsty Thursdays and at other special events provide additional funding, as do seasonal fruitcake sales.

We use those funds to support a number of special projects at the Inn. You can learn more about that here.

Montgomery’s INNovators is managed by a Board of Directors elected by the members. Voting takes place at an Annual General Meeting usually held in May.

Anyone who is interested in the past, present, or future of Montgomery’s Inn is welcome to become a member. If you’re interested, you can join here.