Farmers’ Market July 15, 2020 (2-6 PM)

Talk about highs and lows! 

 Thank you to all the shoppers who were so respectful and accommodating of all the changes made to keep each other safe and healthy. The photo above shows how smoothly the market re-opened last week– customers and vendors wore masks, maintained physical distance & were generally thrilled to have the market re-opened.

There were nearly a hundred shoppers in the first hour.

Unfortunately, in the second hour, we had lightning strikes, high winds, flash flooding & branches come down! What a storm!

So a huge apology to any one who came to the market after the storm to shop and found it had shut down. It was simply not safe to continue in light of the weather conditions and the damage to the surrounding trees.

Here’s hoping the weather is more co-operative, as this week there’ll be lots of additional vendors returning to the market.

Vendors at Market this Week (July 15):

Spade & Spoon [jams, preserves & maple syrup]
(attending bi-weekly, here this week)
pre-order by email:

Huron Sun [sunflower oil & vinegar]
(attending once a month, here this week)
pre-order by email

Ambrosia Eastern European Foods [oven ready meals]

Ontario Water Buffalo [meat, cheese, prepared foods]
pre-order by email:

Fifth Town Cheese [artisan cheese]
pre-order by email

Bee’s Universe [Honey, eggs, bee products]

Samsara Fields [veggies]

So Delish [veggies, dehydrates, purees]
Sign up for her email list to place orders in advance

Happy Bakers [baked goods & treats]
(no pre-orders)

Vendors at Market this Week (July 15) for Pre-Order Only:

The Smoke Bloke [cold smoked salmon]
(by pre-order ONLY, no sales at market, order by Monday)

Nith Valley Organic [veggies]
(by pre-order ONLY, no sales at the market)
(select Montgomery’s Inn as pick up point)

Vendors Starting Market Next Week (July 22):

Green House Eatery [oven ready meals, jerk chicken or fish]
pre-order by text: 647-899-5471

Vendors Absent this Week (July 15):

Molly B’s Gluten-Free Kitchen
Pre-order for next week by email:

Unfortunately, Montgomery’s INNovators will not be selling fresh bread from the bake oven at this time. We hope to be able to begin selling fresh bread in September.

Poster about the Reopening of the Montgomery's Inn Farmers Market

11 thoughts on “Farmers’ Market July 15, 2020 (2-6 PM)

    1. That’s a great question, Louise. We’ll find out and get back to you.

    2. Hi again, Louise. You will be able to get your knives sharpened at the Farmers’ Market starting tomorrow, September 16. It isn’t the same person, but our friends at Bee’s Universe will be able to do it for you.

    1. That’s a great question! We miss that fresh-baked bread too, and we’re eager to taste it again.

      The answer is that we’ll restart the bread oven just as soon as we can do it safely. Unfortunately, we don’t have a date for that yet.

      While the oven is outside, the dough preparation happens in the Inn’s commercial kitchen, which is a small, closely confined space. Even if the city’s COVID-19 protocols would permit it, we wouldn’t want to put our volunteer bakers at risk by asking them to work in those conditions.

      Thank you, and thanks to all our loyal bread customers, for your understanding. We’ll be sure to let you know when we have a restart date.

      Montgomery’s INNovators

  1. Confusion: We received a pamphlet at the market saying it is possible to order on line. The address provided at does not exist

    1. Hi Lil,

      There will be an indoor Farmers’ Market up until the week of Christmas, and we’ll be selling our famous, delicious fruitcakes starting soon. That’s about the extent of our Christmas activities as planned so far. If anything else develops, we’ll be sure to let you know through this site.

      All the best
      Montgomery’s INNovators

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