Wednesday, May 25 is the First Market of the Summer Season

The market won’t be on the grass this year

The parking lot, while hotter and less picturesque, offers a number of advantages

  • great visibility to all the passersby on Dundas
  • Accessible surface for walkers/strollers/wheelchairs
  • Access to electricity for those vendors requiring it
  • Easier load in/out for vendors
  • Decreased risk from falling branches/flooded surfaces
  • Saving the substantial fee that the City of Toronto charges for a park permit

Shop this week with

  • Bee’s Universe
  • So Delish
  • Nith Valley Organics
  • Ontario Water Buffalo
  • The Happy Bakers
  • Samosa Delight
  • Great Lakes Brewery
  • Ambrosia
  • Mad Mexican

Bi-weekly vendors

  • Spade & Spoon (ON THIS WEEK)
  • TC Momo (ON THIS WEEK)
  • Alma Bakery (ON THIS WEEK)
  • Molly B’s Gluten-Free Kitchen (OFF THIS WEEK)

More vendors will be joining as the season progresses

  • Albion Farms (starting June 1)
  • Downey’s Strawberry and Apple Farm (start as soon as strawberries are in/mid-June)

The virtual farmers’ market, our online alternative during the pandemic, has been discontinued