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Purchase of Queen Victoria Engraving for Montgomery’s Inn

This contemporary engraving of a very young Queen Victoria hangs in Montgomery Inn’s bar parlour. It was purchased in 2018 using donations made to Montgomery’s INNovators in memory of the late Wendy Gamble.

Photo Credit: Montgomery’s Inn Staff

Wendy was a long-time supporter of Montgomery’s Inn and one of the founders of Montgomery’s INNovators. Her commitment was so great that, when she passed away in 2017, her family suggested that people remember her by making a donation to Montgomery’s INNovators in lieu of flowers.

Wendy also loved everything about the Royal Family. Her home was a showcase of royal bric-a-brac.

When the donations in her memory came to over 1,300 dollars, it was clear how they could best be used both to honour her and to serve Montgomery’s Inn. The INNovators gave it to the Inn to fund the purchase this engraving.

We are grateful to Wendy for her lifetime contribution to the Inn, and to her family and friends for this gift.